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Q. What is the benefit of living in a continuing care retirement community like Springhill?

A. Springhill offers a vibrant lifestyle filled with conveniences and a full range of opportunities readily accessible to you. The beautiful, maintenance-free apartments and Garden Homes provide welcoming neighborhoods with a full range of exceptional dining, entertainment, wellness and educational opportunities, as well as health care services.   But many residents believe the most important aspect of living at Springhill is having a secure plan for the future. With lifetime priority access to a full continuum of services, Springhill residents and their family members have peace of mind knowing that they will have access to in-home care and assistance, personal care, rehabilitation and skilled care and a memory support neighborhood, even if they exhaust their financial resources through no fault of their own. Most importantly, you can be among people you call friends and those you trust, no matter what life brings.

Q. What does it cost to live at Springhill?

A. The cost depends partly on the size and style of residence that you choose. All residents who join the Springhill family pay a one-time entrance fee plus a monthly fee to live in the Garden Homes and apartments. The entrance fee and monthly fee varies based on the type and size of residence that you choose. At Springhill, you can choose from several entrance fee options, including a 100 percent refundable plan, provided you fulfill the terms of the Residency Agreement. If two people live in the residence, there is no additional entrance fee, but a second-person monthly fee applies. Because there are so many choices, we recommend that you meet with a Marketing Representative to learn about the options and to find out which makes the most sense for you. No matter which neighborhood you choose, you have access to the numerous amenities and benefits that all Springhill residents enjoy.

Q. Is it true that I can get a refund of my entrance fee?

A. Yes. At Springhill, you can choose from different entrance fee plans. Three of these plans will refund all or part of the entrance fee according to the terms and conditions of your residency agreement. The three entrance fee options that offer refunds include a 50%, 90% and 100% plan. A fourth option is a non-refundable plan, called the standard plan. The standard plan amortizes over the first 60 months of residency. This means that for the first 60 months you live at Springhill, you could receive at least a partial refund of your entrance fee. After 60 months, however, no refundable portion of the standard entrance fee remains. 

Q. Which entrance fee plan would make the most sense for me?

A. It depends on your financial goals and circumstances. Our senior living counselors are available to assist you in reviewing the various options to see which one is the best fit for you. The standard entrance fee is the most affordable way to enjoy the Asbury lifestyle, regardless of which neighborhood you select. While the 100 percent refundable contract requires a larger upfront payment, it offers the most value over time because all of the funds will be returned to you or your estate, provided you fulfill the terms of the Residency Agreement. The 90 percent refundable program offers more long-term value than the standard contract, but is more affordable than the 100 percent refundable contract. Our Marketing Representatives can review the residency agreement with you for a full explanation of the terms and conditions for refundable entrance fees.

Q. What is included in the monthly fee?

A. The amount of your monthly fee is based on the style of residence you choose and the array of services provided with your chosen accommodations. For instance, most residents’ monthly fees include a daily meal plan and housekeeping, while some residence options may include a certain number of meals per month and no housekeeping. Typically, the monthly fee includes interior and exterior maintenance of the residence, some or all of the utilities, 24-hour emergency call systems, transportation and access to all Springhill amenities and common areas. The specific inclusions of the monthly fee are detailed in the Residency Agreement and Disclosure Statement. You also have the flexibility to add more options to secure the services that are most important to you.

Q. How do I know if I can afford to live at Springhill?

A. With more than nine different floor plans, Springhill will work with you to see what plan may best accommodate your interests. Once you have decided to make Springhill your home, you would be asked to share your income and assets to be certain that it can support your living expenses through your projected lifespan. This calculation is made through a system maintained by an outside actuary. (If you outlive your resources, you would be eligible for Springhill’s Benevolent Care program.   See below for more information.) Every applicant’s situation is unique.  Some residents may use the proceeds from selling their home to satisfy their entrance fee, while others may have help from a loved one.  Our Springhill retirement counselors are well-versed in knowing what criteria are essential and are readily available to be helpful to you.

Q. What is the Benevolent Care program?

A. A significant part of Springhill’s not-for-profit mission is to ensure that residents who outlive their resources, through no fault of their own, are able to continue living at Springhill.  These residents are able to apply for and receive support to cover their expenses, regardless of whether they live in residential living, personal care, skilled care or in memory support. The Asbury Foundation actively seeks donations for Benevolent Care, including a special endowment fund, to offset the costs of providing this support.

Q. What does it mean to have “priority access” to health care services?

A. If you ever require health care services, you will always have preference to openings in OakView Personal Care and ForestView Health Care Center over non-resident applicants. This is an important aspect of life at Springhill. Residents and their family members have peace of mind knowing that if services are ever needed, Springhill will ensure that care is provided throughout your life.

Q. Will I be able to deduct any of my Springhill fees from my income taxes?

A. Springhill is a Type C, fee-for-service continuing care retirement community. Because a Type C residency agreement does not offset the future cost of health-care services, the Internal Revenue Service does not recognize any part of the Entrance Fee or residential living monthly fees toward a medical deduction. However, it is possible that fees paid for personal care, home care services or skilled care services may be eligible for a medical deduction. Please see a tax analyst to learn whether your financial circumstances would allow you to deduct these expenses from your income.

Q. Who owns Springhill?

A. Springhill is owned and operated by Asbury Atlantic Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and the legal entity responsible for providing services to the residents of Springhill.  In addition to Springhill, Asbury Atlantic owns and operates two other continuing care retirement communities - Bethany Village in Mechanicsburg, PA and Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, MD,. Asbury Atlantic is owned and operated solely by Asbury Communities, a separate 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation, which also operates two other continuing care retirement communities, the not-for-profit Asbury Foundation, Inc., and other entities. For more information about the Asbury system, visit

Q. Who runs Springhill?

A. Under direction of the Executive Director, a management team is responsible for the day-to-day operations and overall functioning of Springhill.  Several governing boards, comprised of volunteer members, provide high-level oversight.  The Springhill Board of Governors works directly with the Executive Director and is focused exclusively on Springhill’s programs, quality of care and service, master campus planning, and fundraising activities (in conjunction with the Asbury Foundation).  The Board of Governors makes recommendations to the Asbury Atlantic Inc. Board of Directors, which is legally responsible for control of Springhill. Additionally, the Asbury Atlantic Board has the primary responsibility for approving the budget and maintaining financial health as well as monitoring quality of care and services.  The Asbury Communities, Inc. Board of Directors is focused on enhancing the strength of the entire organization, ensuring fulfillment of its mission and tax-exempt purpose, and recognizing its full potential for providing services to seniors.

Q. How can I be assured that Springhill is financially strong?

A. Springhill does not have any individual long-term debt. Instead, all of its long-term debt is part of the Pennsylvania Obligated Group, which also includes Bethany Village in Mechanicsburg, PA. Since the inception of the Pennsylvania Obligated Group, there has never been a time that either community has been unable to pay its share of the debt. Being part of the Pennsylvania Obligated Group enables each community to obtain the capital funds it requires at a lower interest rate than it could if it were to borrow the funds individually.

Q. What kind of voice do residents have in the operation of Springhill?

A. Springhill has an active and vibrant Resident Council that promotes resident interests, facilitates communication, interacts with management, and organizes events and activities.

Please see the annual Disclosure Statement and the Residency Agreement, provided by the Marketing Department, for more detailed information.


What Does Owning Your Home Cost You?

Have you looked at your expenses lately? At Springhill, most of these are part of your monthly fee.

  • Mortgage, rent or HOA fees
  • Real estate taxes
  • Transportation
  • Home maintenance and repairs
  • Health club and entertainment

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